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In October 2005 the girls choir of Schulpforta had the incredible chance to go to Yemen. Most of us had no idea what to expect. When you think of Yemen what may come to mind is a place in the desert in a strange Arab country far far away. Technically that’s not wrong but we were in for a very pleasant surprise.

Just a little information beforehand. Yemen is located in the South of the Arabic Peninsula, below Saudi Arabia and bordering on Oman in the East. Parts of the country are by the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea. Roughly 20.727.000 inhabitants live on 528.000 km² of land. Spoken language is Arabic, religion Islam.

We would like to thank :
Ahmed M. Al-Kohlani, Minister of State, Capital Mayor the Governors of Aden and Taiz representatives of the Embassy and Government Dr. Moh. Khalifa, scientific assistant from the University of Hamburg who translated at our concerts our teachers Herr Kisser and Herr Jende Prof. Grabau and Prof. Hundt the Yemeni alumni The Abu Thaleb Group Our wonderful guides, bus driver and guards The Yemeni people for being so friendly, open and hospitable SHUKRAN DJAZILAN !!!!

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