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Choir journey into the country of the Pharaohs 2004

This journey seems to be a sole dream. The feeling at 35 degree standing in front of the pyramids, drive through the desert, make a cruise over the nile odr over the Suez Canal, all this has just been unbelievable.

started had your journey, which occasion it is to make some cooperation treaty between the University Magdeburg- Stendal and egyptian Universities, with an miserable long bus tour from Cairo till the last end from Unterägyptens: Raselbar. At this spot , which is actually only known as vacation resort under the native people, flows the nile into the Mediterranean. Although they couldn´t welcome us more sincere , has this city been very strange and unusual than a city can be. This cultural differences has probably was also the egyptian leadership aware off. We could not make one sep away from the group or from the hotel, permanent was the security beside us and when the bus was driving with blue light and escort through the streets, did we feel almost like “Very Important Persons”.

To that’s comes that the most egyptian men only know european and blond woman only from the television. So can it happen that you feel like the attraction in a zoo and at least do youu get three serious marriage proposels a day. Despite the heat should a woman always cover there shoulders and knees.

From Raselbar did we visit various universities, hospitals, mayor etc., first at Raselbar himself, than in a few neighbour cities. In the eveinigs did we give our concerts, among them spiritual and folksy german choir music but also one arabic song and the egyptian national anthem. The last two songs could we sing a lot of times again, because the listeners have been inspired. But also they showed themselves surprisingly very open for the german music and presented us in countermove arabic folklore.

After three days did we finally went to cairo to the German School (with pool- finally!), where we got split up into hostfamilies. A bit queasy did we feel , to go as a girl alone into an islamic hostfamily but the concerns have been groundless. At least the host siblings talked perfect german and also the acommodations have been simply fairy tale castles. Than a private school like the German one can only afford in Egypt only wealthy families. Not seldom did they have house servants, nanny´s and drivers. However was it vers interesting to get to know this side of the country.

In Cairo expected us the typical tourist programm. What should somebody say who stan in front of the Pyramids from Gizeh and Sakkara? The feeling is indescribable, plain incomprehensible! Of course could we not miss the mosques, the coptic churches, the egyptian museum ant the Khan el Khalili, the biggest and famoused bazar in Cairo. The end made a big Dinner- Party with music and belly dancing at a nile cruise. We had a wonderful time in Egypt but in this exotic world do u feel glad about a cold german wind,the familiar food- and the reserved men! What stay´s are the impressions where it is hard to find words for and will stay in our minds. Maybe it even succeeds to keep in contact with the one or other Egyptian…….

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