Activities (Journey to Syria) 2008
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Activities (Journey to Syria) 2008

The Grabau Foundation is organizing a Choir- and Orchestra trip to Syria from 11th to 18th May 2008. The Orchestra of the University of Frankfurt (Oder) and a choir of former students of the Landesschule Pforta (Saxony-Anhalt) will be participating in this trip.

The focus of this journey is being put on the German-Syrian cultural exchange.
The cultural exchange as well as the cross cultural dialogue have been supported by the Society of Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Aleppo under the overall control of Mr. Meinolf Spiekermann.
Within the framework of the project “Vindication of the old town of Aleppo” the GTZ is organizing this cultural exchange.

At least two concerts are planned - one being given at the University of Damascus, the capital of Syria, and the other in Aleppo as part of the “German Concert Days at Aleppo”, The Syrian audience will get an impression of different types of European music and some Arabian music to show the connection between two cultures

Furthermore, meetings and cross cultural workshops with students from Damascus and Aleppo are planned.

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