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The writen alignment of the Grabau Donation.

The donation gives a writen alignment out. This writen alignment grabs current and fundamental subjects and puts them into a deepened and at the sametime in a general understandable form. With that they accomplish contributions for discussion from political and social, economic and cultural principle questions.

We invite you to distribute the following information amongst all your actively publishing staff members.

The topic of the next volume of the scientific series published by the Grabau foundation is „Moral and ethics in economy and society“.

In the past decades, the relationship between doing business, sustainability and ethical conduct has been extensively explored and Corporate Social Responsibility and Value-Oriented Management are concepts that have spread beyond academia. Large companies dedicate own divisions to serve this cause and publish extensive sustainability reports. Due to their restraint financial and human resources, medium-sized enterprises face disadvantages. What specific challenges do smaller businesses face in this context? How can an entrepreneur determine whether his or her business activity is indeed not in breach of ethical conduct?

We wish to explore these questions through the perspective of a variety of different countries and cultures. How are actions justified? Which values guide our judgment whether an action, a behavior or a certain decision is ethically justifiable?

  • Only to date unpublished material can be submitted
  • Closing date: 15. December 2016
  • Scope: minimum 5 pages, maximum of 20,000 characters
  • Languages: German or English
  • Format: Times New Roman, 18, left-aligned, each illustration or table as own file (no scans)
  • Arrangement: Author with information on institution
    • Preface with objective, research question
    • Main part, with a maximum of 3 subdivisions
    • Conclusion
    • Sources
  • Please submit a word file and a PDF file of your submission, and attach illustrations and tables as an extra file each. Every author will receive a printed copy . Only contributions are considered, which meet the formal and scientific standards. Submissions by mail to the following address: hundt@wiwi.htw-dresden.de. Alternatively send a CD or stick by post to: Professor Dr. Irina Hundt, HTW Dresden, Friedrich-List-Platz 1 in 01067 Dresden

Editorial office of the writen alignment
Prof. Dr. Irina Hundt
Maybachstr. 1
06112 Halle/Saale


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